Why A Blog Is Good for Business

Whether you’re a home-based freelancer or the CEO of a brand new start-up, a business blog is one of the most versatile online marketing tools that no small business should be without. Once the preferred medium of teenagers and unpublished authors, blogs are now widely accepted as one of the best and most cost-effective ways to boost your business. Here we take a look at some of the benefits behind blogging, and what you should bear in mind when it comes to creating and posting blogs on your site.

Why A Blog Is Good for Business

Building Trust

If you run a small business the importance of building relationships with your clients cannot be underestimated. By creating a vocal presence for your brand in the form of a blog, you can build a brand your customers can trust and add a more personal touch – especially if your business is purely web-based.
Why A Blog Is Good for Business

Drive Traffic

If you’ve been struggling to get search engines to pick up your website, by creating an effectively search engine optimised blog you can dramatically boost your digital profile. Research your keywords, populate your blog posts accordingly and you can expect to see a sudden upsurge in your Google rankings. And by being easier to find on the web, you’ll inevitably enhance your sales and promote a sense of credibility.
Why A Blog Is Good for Business

Open A Dialogue

Sure posters, leaflets and brochures are an effective way of talking to your potential client base. But they present a purely one-sided form of conversation. A blog gives your customers a unique opportunity to communicate directly with your business. By encouraging customers to comment on your posts they can share their opinions, ask questions and interact with other clients in a relationship building manner that other marketing mediums simply don’t allow.

Enhance Your Reputation

By giving away free advice on your blog you can enhance your prestige and kudos. Writing information-rich posts will establish your brand as the go-to authority within your industry. It’s also important to make sure your business expresses an opinion on the latest events and wider issues within your industry – and what better way to project a dynamic and current persona than by using the latest marketing tool to get your voice heard?

Stand Out from the Crowd

Think about brands that are making it big in the business world today and you’ll notice something they all have in common; a strong sense of personality. Whether it’s Innocent smoothies or Apple, their strong tone of voice helps their customer base to engage with their business on a much more intimate level. Now we’re not suggesting you start blogging about your home life, but by letting your personality shine through, your blog can stop your business merging into the background or feeling detached and far-removed from you target market.
Why A Blog Is Good for Business

Client Collaboration

Extend the appeal of your blog by encouraging your clients to post about their experience of working with you. This will help forge stronger links with your existing client base and encourage repeat business. You can also build your reputation and increase your appeal to new customers through the inclusion of case studies and regular updates about current projects you’re working on.

Picture This

No matter what the nature of your business is, make sure you vary your posts in terms of content. It’s important to remember that people read digital information in a very different way to reading print material. Keep your content copy-light, avoid uploading reams and reams of articles and make sure you break it up with plenty of captivating and compelling imagery – grab your digital camera and get creative with your content!

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